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Is Contract Staffing Right For You?

Do you love firing employees? Probably not. As hiring managers, we try our best to make things work, but no one wants to let someone go because money ran out for the project or clients turned elsewhere for services.

Let’s start with addressing a reality right out of the gate – uncertainty, for a lot of folks, is high right now. Companies are trying their best to effectively forecast revenue projections or are peering into their crystal ball to anticipate effectively executing a project. Generating revenue takes talent. Executing a project takes talent. Flexible solutions to workforce problems might make sense – that’s where contract and contract to hire staffing helps your organization reduce costs and hedge risk typically associated with making new hires. Here’s how to tell if contract staffing is a good fit for you.

You like the idea of “dating” before “marrying” 

Some roles require a particular blend of skills and experience to really knock it out of the park. We can vet candidates till you know their favorite flavor of ice cream, but there’s really nothing like seeing them in action. A contract to hire partnership with a staffing firm is a great way to find out if they’re a good fit, skills and culture-wise, while balancing flexibility if things don’t work out. Not to mention the cost savings by having contractors on payroll with us rather than your company!

You want to save money 

Payroll taxes and benefits? We take care of that. Paying an in-house full-time recruiter? No need. We, of course, do that too. How about drug screens and background checks? Wait for it… yup. We do that too! A lot of folks also don’t know that contractors receive pay only for the time they work. You’re not responsible for offering PTO. Savings galore!

You want to mitigate risk  

Contract staffing may allow your team to find out if you really do need a permanent hire. Perhaps it ends up there’s not as much work as you thought – separation is easy with no severance or unemployment. On the flip side, maybe it turns out that the person is awesome – bringing them on as a full-time employee is easy. Plus you know who you’re “marrying”!

You need someone relatively quick 

Guess what our favorite answer is when we ask hiring managers “how soon do you need someone”? You guessed it. Yesterday! Now, we don’t have a time machine. However, a good staffing firm measures part of their success by how fast they can connect qualified talent to roles they’re excited about and are an exceptional fit for. Contract staffing gives access to an almost immediate workforce solution.

You want to find qualified talent 

Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon. There’s a role that quickly needs to be filled but you’re not quite sure who you’re looking for. You Google a job description and post it to your favorite job board. An onslaught of 40 applications ensue. Some look qualified, others maybe not so much but you have to sift and find out. There goes Saturday morning French toast breakfast and cartoons. You’ll be relegated to looking at resumes instead. What if we told you all that precious time, energy, money and stress could be saved and spent on more important things by working with a recruiting team? We collect the requirements, farm our garden of talent and present who we think could best fit – skills and culture-wise. We do the sourcing, vetting, facilitate setting up interviews and practically walk them to your front door.

Feel free to Email Us with any questions or if you want to learn more about how a contract and contract to hire staffing partnership could be the right FIT for you.

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