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FIT Staffing helps technical professionals find IT jobs with top employers in New England.

You Are More Than Your Resume

At FIT Staffing, we are anything but a typical technical recruiting firm. We understand that you are a professional and an individual with unique goals, needs and preferences and we get to know you beyond what’s listed on your resume so that we can match you with projects and career opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

When you are happy with what you’re doing – and where you are doing it, you are able to do your best work. Working with a technical recruiter requires trust, and we take that trust seriously. If you’re looking for real opportunities where you will thrive, you’ve come to the right place.

FIT Staffing’s expert IT recruiters are based in Massachusetts and serve candidates across New England. If you are ready to make a career move, partner with FIT and let’s take that next step together!

With FIT Staffing You Can:

When you’re looking for new opportunities, partner with the top technical job recruiters in Northampton MA, Springfield MA, Marlborough MA, Burlington VT, Hartford CT, Portland ME and throughout New England.

Your Options


This option is one of the most in-demand for our employer partners who need specialized talent for a specific length of time or to meet a project deadline.


Contract-to-Hire is a great way you to evaluate company culture and team fit before deciding on a long-term commitment.

Direct Hire

Ready to commit to a permanent role? We can help with that too! Often times, employers are ready to make long-term hires and we’re simply tasked with making the match between you and them. Once you’re, there you are their employee from Day 1.

Ready to Get Hired?

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